A fantastic week of learning in Dolphin Class!

Our English learning this week has seen us investigate our new writing genre, third person narrative recount. We began the week looking at our punctuation skills, in relation to plural possessive apostrophes, before then moving into magpieing our new genre. We then looked at how to plan our writing, ensuring that the correct a mount of tension and effect are included. We then focused on our vocabulary - what specific words could infer about our characters and events, before finishing the week investigating adverbial use.

Our maths learning this week has seen us continue our work relating to multiplication. We began the week with two skills based lessons. We investigated methods relating to multiplication of four digit numbers by one and two digits. We recognised the importance of place holders with two digits, simply moving everything along a place value column. We then moved onto solving complex problems that involved 2, 3 of 4 steps. We worked on each step together, before moving on on Thursday, before then tackling the same style of problem independently on Friday.

Our Science learning this week saw us investigate the planets of the solar system. We discussed each planet, its size, distance from the Sun, length of day and length of year. We then created fact files before creating a mnemonic to help us remember the planet order. A mnemonic is a phrase that used the same first letter of some thing to remember. We had some brilliant ideas for this, the most popular being 'my very eager mother just served us noodles' (Mars, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune).

Our History learning saw us continue our work relating to early Islamic civilisations. We moved on to the development and building of the ancient city of Baghdad during the 1st century AD. We learnt that Al-Mansoor, the leader of Iraq, wanted to build a city that represented his power and majesty. He wanted the City to be perfect, so consulted architects and astrologers. The perfectly circular design was then etched out in seeds, before being burnt to prove the shape's perfectness.  We role-played the events and created freeze frames of the key points. As you can see in the photographs below, we had great fun whilst learning!

Our Geography lesson saw us begin to investigate rainforests around the World. We learnt about the different layers and the animals that can be discovered at every level. We then used that knowledge to complete some reading, music and art activities. We are looking forward to investigating further next week.

Finally, I'd like to thank all of our Dolphin parents for their attendance at our consultations this week. It was a pleasure and a delight to share your child's learning journey with you so far this year. 

Have a lovely week,

Love from Dolphin Class. xx