Welcome back to another half term in Narwhal Class! We wasted no time jumping into our learning and already it's looking like it'll be a fun one.

In our English learning, we started our new text 'Goodnight Mister Tom'. This is a text I remember doing as a child and to see the children get so enthralled by it shows how the book still holds up even now. The story follows a young boy called Willie, who has been evacuated during the events of WW2 to live with Thomas Oakley in the countryside, so far we have seen how this may be a blessing for Willie as it seems his life back in London is far from normal or safe.  We really enjoyed the lessons which saw us putting ourselves in the story, completing drama activities such as hot seating and acting out the life of a refugee so they could begin to understand how these children would have felt, to end the week we completed summaries of the opening sections.

Our maths learning this week has seen us start our multiplication learning, kicking things off we looked at the meaning of prime, composite and prime factors before moving on to learning how to identify prime numbers -  learning that they are only divisible by themselves and one. We have also learnt how to square and cube numbers this week, a common misconception we find with this is children will often do 5squared as 5x2 due to the symbol for squared being a 2, however we soon overcame this and this was carried over into cubing numbers.

Our Science learning this week has seen us investigate our new topic of Earth and Space. We started off this learning by looking at the Flat Earth Vs. Spherical Earth theory and how back in Ancient Greece it was people like Aristotle who began to realise the Earth was not flat but was indeed round! We looked at lots of evidence both from the past and modern day and it's safe to say we all concluded the Earth was indeed round.

Our History and Geography learning this week has seen us showcase last half terms topics. We created information based posters to demonstrate our knowledge, using our creativity to influence our designs.