We have had a fantastic week in Duck class! We have been learning all about Harvest. We have discussed what harvest is, why we celebrate and learnt some facts about Harvest. We have been practising our Harvest songs for a few days now and I know the children have been working hard at home with their songs too. On Wednesday we had our Harvest assembly and the children were amazing. They showed courage and excellence on stage singing their songs.

They should be very proud of themselves.

The children know that we celebrate food at harvest and we looked closely at where this food came from. We drew from our previous learning of what is a fruit and what is a vegetable, and we discussed if it grew on a tree or in the ground. The children were using the correct names for the foods and could tell me, using full sentences where they come from.

In maths this week we have been looking at 2D shapes. The children are fantastic at recognising the 2D shapes and have started to recall some of their properties. 'Properties' is new vocabulary for the children and they are beginning to use this within our learning. 

We have been on a shape hunt to look for the different shapes in our environment, the children recognised and told me at least 1 property of the shape they have found. 

In writing we have focused on the progression of the pre-writing shapes. I am very pleased to say that all children have made progress with their writing and mastered their 'target' shape. Some children have completed all of the pre-writing shapes and they will now move on to letter formation. 

In celebration of Harvest time the children have been taking part in lots of different crafts. They have took part in mindful colouring, drawing their own ideas of what harvest is and collaging different fruit and vegetables. 

Take a look at some fantastic work.