A fantastic week of learning in Dolphin Class!

Our English learning this week has seen us complete our alternative recounts of Cinderayla. We began the week by working on our editing skills, learning how to correctly improve our work using purple pens. This lesson helped us, as we were then able to review our drafting so far and improve it. We also investigated and practised using a new skill this week - parenthesis. We discovered that parenthesis is when extra information can be added to writing, but also removed so that the sentence makes sense. For example - Ayla's beautiful, golden (and heavy) dress was now ready. We learnt that parenthesis can be shown in three different ways - with brackets, commas and dashes - but never mixed together. We completed the week by composing our alternative recounts in our extended write sessions. The final results were amazing - well done everyone.

Our Maths learning this week has seen us investigate various areas of measurement. We began the week by learning about how to correctly measure the perimeter of a rectilinear 2D shape. We imagined ourselves as snails, crawling along the outside edge, counting each measurement line as you go.  We then moved on to investigating area. We learnt that multiplication is a useful tool here, realising that calculating area is similar to array construction. We then moved on to calculating volume - understanding that now there are three measurements to calculate - the length, width and depth. We then made the link between needing these three things and the cubed symbol, which is a small 3 above the total. 

Our History learning this week has seen us investigate Cordoba as the city of three religions. We discussed the development of the city into a cultural and education venue, therefore attracting scholars from the Jewish faith. We also discussed that there was already a strong bond between the Muslims and Christians due to the shared work relating to the building of the Mosque. This created a truly unique situation where three religions all shared and worked in harmony in one city. We have found this topic really interesting and are looking forward to continuing with this topic next half term.

Our Geography learning this week has seen us complete our work relating to North and South America. We continued our discussions relation to the favelas in Brazil and the stereotypes attached to them.  We discussed what a stereotype is and why it is important to address these. We then investigated three case studies, discussing how the stereotypes are being challenges by the favela residents.

Science this week saw us discuss friction. We learnt that it is a force that is created when one surface moves across another. We investigated how different materials can affect the amount of friction produced, learning that the rougher a surface is, the greater the friction produced. As you will see in the photos below - our cuddly toy went on several journeys of varying speed in that lesson!

Have a lovely week,

Love from Dolphin Class xx