It has been another busy week in Swan Class! This week, we have been learning all about Harvest. We discussed what happens during harvest time, and why it is an important time of the year. We also learnt the meaning of 'festival', and found out that Harvest Festival is a celebration of the food that grows on the land. On Wednesday, we had a fabulous time performing our harvest songs in our Harvest Festival assembly. The children showed great courage to stand in front of KS1 and perform. Everybody sang beautifully and remembered the actions we had learned - the children should be very proud of themselves! 

As part of our learning, the children discussed where different fruits and vegetables grow. We found out that some grow on plants under the ground, whereas others grow above the ground on plants or trees. The children worked in pairs to sort the fruits and vegetables into groups, and practised speaking in full sentences to share what they had learned.

In Maths, we have been learning about 2D shapes. We learnt that 2D shapes are flat, and found out the names of some common 2D shapes. We also discussed the different properties of these shapes, including their sides and corners. We went on a shape hunt in our learning environment to see which shapes we could spot!

In writing, we revisited our pre-writing shapes to see how we have progressed with these over the last few weeks. We have all made progress, mastering our 'target' shapes. The children who have completed all of their pre-writing shapes will now be moving onto practising their letter formation. 

Have a lovely half term break! We return to school Monday 31st October :)