A brilliant week of learning in Dolphin Class!

Our English learning this week has been focused around a new writing genre, first person alternative recount.  We began reading a new story within our text called Cinderayla. We discovered that it was loosely based on the traditional fairy story of Cinderella - but with an Islamic twist.  We left the story at the point when Rumaysa -  our previous heroine - appeared as Ayla's fairy Godmother! This twist saw gasps of amazement from the Dolphins!  We investigated the writing features necessary though a magpie text, before planning how we wanted the story to continue. We decided that Rumaysa would spin a gold dress, turn a coconut into the carriage and that Ayla and the Prince wouldn't fall in love, but travel the seven continents of the World on a magic carpet instead!

We investigated how to use who, where, when what and why in our introductions to add detail and ended the week working on the correct use of inverted commas for reported direct speech.

Our Maths learning this week has seen us investigate various areas of geometry. We began the week recapping our year four skills -  identifying acute, right and obtuse angles, comparing and ordering them. We then moved on to a brand new and rather tricky skill - using a protractor to read and draw angles. We worked hard on the correct technique for this, remembering golden rules such as correct placement of the central cross and always reading from zero. It has been a tricky week, as we progressed into reading and calculating angles on a straight line and full circle, but the Dolphins showed amazing resilience and determination - well done to all of them.

Our Science learning this week moved on to the investigation of water resistance. We discussed the importance of the object entering the water's shape -  learning about why streamlined objects travel through water quickly, but blunt objects don't. We discovered that the water can travel around the object with more ease when it is streamlined, allowing less resistance to occur. We were also able to relate this to air resistance - for example with aeroplanes too.

Our History learning saw us continue our learning relating to early Islamic civilisations. We investigated the city of Cordoba and its significance within these beginnings. We learnt that Abd-al-Rahman, in around 715AD fled from Syria, where he was a once respected leader, as it had been invaded and his family slaughtered. He travelled to southern Spain and finally settled in Cordoba, where he build the countries first Mosque with the help of Byzantine Christians. When finished, it had over 1200 pillars and could hold 10,000 people!

We learnt that the Mosque is still there and well visited today and is still absolutely beautiful.

Our Geography learning saw us continue our investigations into the megacities of Brazil. We learnt about the makeshift homes built there, which are called favelas. We learnt that these are illegal buildings, usually with no running water, electricity of waste removal. We learnt that although, they are dangerous places to live, there are many happy, thriving communities there. The discussions relating to how we can see British values evident there was very interesting.

A final mention to our amazing Art lesson this week - we made our collagraphs using many different materials to add texture. As you can see from the photographs below, they are just fantastic!

Have a lovely week, 

love from Dolphin Class. xx