This week we have moved our learning on, discussing where we live. The children know they live in a house and our learning has focused around the material of the house. We have learnt the house is made of bricks, it has glass windows and maybe a plastic door. 

The children have explored a variety of materials and used new descriptive words to describe all of these materials, they were able to link which materials they can find in their house and which materials they may not have in the house. 

It was lovely to hear new vocabulary such as 'rough, hard, strong, smooth. 

This week the children have been printing with paint and sponges. We have looked at what shape the sponges need to be to resemble bricks/windows/doors and then chosen the correct colours. 

We printed bricks onto the paper to create our homes. 

In writing we have been looking at initial sounds. The children have confidently identified a variety of initial sounds and then wrote the correct grapheme to match. We practised our letter formation for each letter. We are focusing on keeping all of the letters on the line.

In addition to this we are continuing our practise of fine motor as this is such an important aspect of the children learning. This week we have been threading, carefully pushing the string into the hole and pulling the other side. 

In maths we have started to look at adding two groups to find the total. We have introduced some new vocabulary in maths this week such as, 'total' and 'altogether'. we have been discussing the meaning of these and showing our understanding through practical activities. The children have been given two groups and independently counted both groups to find the total.

In our outdoor environment the children have been practising their taught skills in PE. They have been refining the fundamental movements of crawling, climbing, balancing.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you all Monday morning. Next week is the last week of the Autumn term and we will be learning about the harvest celebrations. We cannot wait to show you our harvest song. 

Miss Mayer