This week, in English, we have been working on challenge words as part of our spelling lessons. We have been learning how to train our brains to remember tricky spellings using pneumonic and rhymes. This has really helped us to understand the Psychology behind learning. 

To show off our fantastic memories, we took part in a spelling bee in teams. We checked each other’s spelling skills. 

In Maths, we have been working hard to deepen our knowledge of multiplication. On Monday, we used a range of tasks to improve our vocabulary related to multiplication before we tackled problems. This helped us to recall key words such as groups of, equal, times, doubled and tripled.

In computing, we have been learning to type at speed! We even beat some of our teachers! We learnt how to position our hands on the ‘home position’ to best type at speed. We moved through the challenges of our online game learning how to type different letters with the appropriate fingers. 

Is-Haaq was the champion typer! Well done!