We have had a sensational week in Jellyfish class this week and completed lots of challenging learning while consistently showing our school values!


In our English lessons this week we have started our final genre of writing for this half term, alternative versions. We have spent time this week in our lessons understanding what is meant by the word alternative and how we can create alternative versions of traditional tales. To help us with this we read the alternative version of Hansel and Gretel called Baba Yaga, which we really enjoyed! On Thursday we learnt how to 'box up' our ideas and came up with our own alternative elements of a story ready to help us write!



This week we have moved onto looking at addition and subtraction. We have used lots of different representations to support us with this before moving onto the abstract version of the calculations. Towards the end of the week we looked at different methods for adding when the 1 crosses a 10 and when a 10 crosses a 100. For example, 134 + 5 or 270 + 60. 


This week we really became immersed in our History learning. Our question this week was 'What is Stone Henge?' after reading our booklet chapter together and learning about midsummer and midwinter days and what Stone Henge is we were set the task of recreating the ancient monument using biscuits! The discussions around the classroom were brilliant due to the vocabulary being used. 

In Geography we continued to look at the water cycle to understand how a river gets its water. We worked together to recall our learning from last week to help us label a water cycle. We then deepened this learning by answering some questions about how a river gets its water.