In English, we are focusing on a setting description of the woods from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We started the week off by going for a walk to Trentmill Nature Park. We used our senses to describe what we could see and hear. We then looked at nouns and adjectives and used our knowledge of the woods to describe what we could see e.g. I can see the tall trees. I can see orange and yellow leaves. We finished the week off by completing a guided write, before writing our own independent setting description.


In Maths this week the focus has been on one more and one less. We have used a variety of question types including problem solving and reasoning to deepen our learning and to secure our knowledge and understanding. We then moved onto understanding tens and ones. We used dienes and numicon to support us with this. 


In Science, we focused on the sense of smell. We identified the part of the body that helps us to smell. We then used our sense of smell to identify the objects in the covered cups. We made predictions and explained if we liked/disliked the smell. We smelt vinegar, garlic, coffee, lemon and pepper.