One more week down as we inch ever closer to completing out first half term, only two more weeks to go!

In our English learning this week, we've continued our work and finished our 2nd extended write! Well done everyone they were a pleasure to read!  We began the week looking at the correct use of the determiners 'a' and 'an', which is a misconception we had identified from our previous work. We then moved on to completing our drafts of our re-tells, using inverted commas to indicate speech and verbs and adverbs to show possibility,.  At the end of the week we used all our skills to complete our re-telling of Chapter 3, now that we have finished the story of Rumaysa we shall begin to look at the story of Cinderayla, which as you can probably guess is based off of Cinderella, will Rumaysa possibly appear in this story as well?

In our maths learning this week, we've moved on from addition to subtraction. We began the week by revisiting simple column methods - and the importance of exchanging from other place values, before moving on to using our old friend rounding to estimate and finally finishing up with some multi-step problems that required us to identify which part of the question required an addition calculation and which part required subtraction. Our arithmetic work went alongside this work by using subtraction of four digit numbers from five digit ones.

Our Science learning this week saw us investigate different ways of manipulating forces. We learnt about levers, gears and pulleys and how they can differ and be used in real life. We started off by making a simple lever system using a ruler and glue stick to lift our rubbers, doing this helped us learn that the longer the effort arm is, the easier the weight is to lift. We also created our own pulley system that we then used to lift different objects from around the room, who would of thought something so simple would be so fun!

In our History learning this week, we learnt about how the arabians expanded their empire to take over parts of the Byzantine and Persian Empire. By using such simple methods of cavalry and light armour they were able to strike quickly and outmaneuver their slow, heavy-armour enemies. To finish off with we presented our findings as if we were news presenters reporting on their spread across the continent.

Our Geography learning this week saw us discussing the factors for migration, this saw us looking at Push and Pull factors again and we had great discussions about how peoples lives are affected by these. We then used Sao Paulo to learn how to read four figure grid references and we then used this to help plot the co-ordinates of different locations in the city.