This week, we have been learning all about our feelings and emotions. We discussed what emotions are and spoke about the different emotions we feel. 

We read 'The Colour Monster' to support our learning. We related what we read in the book to our own personal experiences, for example, thinking of what experiences we have had that make us feel happy or sad. We learnt new vocabulary including 'fear' and 'confused'.


In literacy, we have been focusing on our fine motor skills. It is important to develop these skills to strengthen our finger muscles in preparation for writing. This week, we used a pinching motion with the tweezers  in order to move pom poms.

In Maths, we have been singing different of number songs. This has helped us develop the skill of counting in sequence. We counted forwards and backwards and have become much more confident with our singing. We also used our fingers to represent different numbers within the songs.

We have been creating our own 'mood monsters' this week. The children used different tools and techniques to manipulate playdough into their chosen shape, and added features to show different emotions.

We ended the week with our PE lesson, focusing on moving in different ways and using our spatial awareness. We practised the skills of hopping, jumping and skipping whilst moving safely around others.