We begin each week by modelling the new activities to the children, it is usually 'Modelling Monday' but as we were not at school on Monday it has happened on Tuesday this week. We have lots of new and exciting activities to learn with and they help us to develop our knowledge. Here are some of the photographs of our Modelling Tuesday this week:

A big thank you to those who came on Tuesday afternoon for our meet the teacher meeting, if you could not attend all information has been put onto our Dojo class story and is also available on our school website 

On Tuesday we represented numbers by drawing ducks in the pond, we discussed the colours which a duck could be and we even researched pictures of ducks if we were unsure. We then decided how many ducks we wanted to represent. We had some amazing ducks drawn, I was amazed by the detail some of the children included. 

In our numbers and patterns session this week we have found a new number song which the children had not heard before and which they loved, I have put it below should you wish to share this with your child at home. We have also been practising counting outline to 5 and some of us can even count from 1 to 10!

On Thursday we went into the outdoors and used chalk to write our pre writing shapes, we work on our pre writing shapes before we move to letter formation. We showed some fantastic gross motor skills and we now have next steps to work on for this half term and for the rest of the academic year. Here is the pre writing shapes and at what age the children should be able to create these shapes both in large motions and small motions. 

We have also continued our learning on five little ducks today, we have been very busy showing our knowledge of the song in the environment and also by creating our own ducks using various materials such as paint, glitter, paper, foam pieces, tissue paper and feathers. We love being creative in Duckling Class Before we created our art we looked at a duck very closely talking about their features and we also compared their features to the features which we had. We now have lots of new vocab which we did not have before and we now know that ducks don't have toes they have webbed toes to help them to swim and that a ducks beak is both a mouth and a nose.

On Friday we continued to consolidate our learning and it has been lovely to see so many friendships beginning to blossom. 

We hope you have a lovely weekend, next week we are learning all about 'our bodies'