This week, we have been working on counting backwards from any given number to 20. The children did really well with this and in order to secure this further we have been playing lots of games during our numbers and patterns daily lessons. We have also been looking at representing numbers to 10 in different ways including using a variety of practical resources e.g. cubes, tens frames, written as a number and also as a word. We then took our learning deeper by answering a variety of varied fluency, problem solving and reasoning questions. We have a class full of amazing mathematicians. 


we have been continuing to work on our sentence structure. We looked at using capital letters to
start a sentence. Our focus this week was to write a description of Daddy Bear using all of our sentences skills that we had worked on these past few weeks. Together we created a bank of vocabulary to describe both Daddy Bear's appearance and personality. The children came up with lots of amazing vocabulary to describe him. Following this, we used the word banks created to write sentences including capital letters, fingers spaces and full stops. I was very impressed with the writing they produced.


Our topic this half term is animals including humans. Our focus this week was body parts. We had lots of fun labelling the human body as a team. We also became detectives to guess the correct body part that our friends were giving us clues to. 


In History, we have been learning about timelines and how our lives have changed over time. We focused on key milestones and created our very own timeline! It included when we were born, when we started to walk and talk, as well as when we first started school.


During art this week, our focus was on the focus of Paul Klee. We worked on making tints of primary and secondary colours by adding white to make them lighter. We also learnt that pink is in fact a tint of red!