What a fantastic start to Year 3 we have had together in Jellyfish during our first full week together! I am so proud of each and every child and their achievements already in just one week! I can't wait to share our learning with you! 


Our text this half term is Hansel and Gretel and our first writing genre is a setting description. We have spent time familiarising ourselves with the story and understanding some new vocabulary. We have been recapping our learning from Year 2 and identifying and using nouns, verbs and adjectives in our writing. We then started to use some new skills and include expanded noun phrases by building on our knowledge. We learnt all about adverbs of manner, something we really enjoyed! On Friday we completed our first extended write and the quality of the writing was out of this world! Well done Jellyfish! 


We have been focussing on place value in our maths lessons. This week we have been developing our knowledge of two digit numbers and using this to help us represent and partition three digit numbers. We have used part whole models, dienes, place value counters and other manipulatives to help us understand how three digit numbers up to 1000 are made.


This week we began our science topic Animals Including Humans and to start us off we looked at the nutrition humans need to survive. We looked at the Eatwell Plate and where different foods fit into it to help us stay healthy. 


In History we have been studying The Stone Age. This week was all about Hunters and Gatherers. We learnt about how our nomadic ancestors survived by hunting animals, gathering wild berries and plants and creating tools from stone and animal bones or tusks. We have learnt lots of new vocabulary and have shown how brilliant we are at recalling the definitions of these new words! 

In Geography we have been studying Rivers. To begin our unit of work we have been looking at the Mighty River Indus. We discovered where it begins. We know that this is in the mountain range, The Himalayas, in Tibet. We looked at some of the tributaries that the River Indus has too. We have really enjoyed learning about this and already cannot wait until we discover more!