What a fantastic start to our Year 2 journey this week! We have come to school with great attitudes to learning and we’re settling into the new routines, well done Penguins! 

In English this week we have introduced our new text Little Red Riding Hood, we read the story and created a story map to help us remember the events. Some of our scary wolf faces were terrifying! Towards the end of the week we looked at how to use adjectives. We learned that they were words used to describe a noun. After thinking of lots of adjectives together, we tried our best to use them in sentences. 

Next week, we will be retelling the story of Little Red Riding Hood.

In Maths this week we have worked hard to secure our knowledge with 2 digit numbers. We used part whole models to partition numbers into tens and ones which we all understood. Some of us moved to non-standard partitioning which we found tricky at first but we were able to use our place value knowledge to help. We used a variety of objects to represent numbers including dienes, place value counters and ten frames. 

In Encompass we have started our topic of London. We learned where London was compared to Stoke-on-Trent and learned that it is in the South of England. After learning that is is a Capital City we discussed why it is an important place linking to the Royal Family and the Government. As a class we discussed what we already know about the city and some of us have been lucky enough to have visited before! We can’t wait to learn more about our topic next week. 

In Science we started our new topic of Living Things and Their Habitats by discussing what living meant. We were instructed to MRS GREN who taught us the 7 life processes that all living things do. After this, we were able to work in groups to sort objects into living and non-living, using scientific language to explain why.