Our first full week in Year 2! We are so grown up! Come and see what we have been learning...


In English, we have been sharing the story of Little Red Riding Hood with the aim to write a third person re- tell. Before we dive straight in to an independent write, it is important that we practice our writing to include some of the writing skills we have been taught. We have learnt how to use a capital letter correctly in a sentence and for the characters names, to understand different word types and then use the word types in a sentence. We focused on using adjectives so that we can add description to our writing to make it more interesting to the reader!

In Maths, we have begun our topic of Place Value to understand 2 digit numbers and the value of both the tens and ones digits. We have identified numbers when they are shown in different ways such as with dienes, place value counters and tens frames. Once we could understand how numbers can be represented we then begun to partition the numbers to show that we understand the value. We have looked at standard partitioning where we have partitioned the number into tens and ones. Then we have been taught how to do non-standard partitioning which is partitioning the numbers in many different ways. To do this we used a part - part - whole model. 

In Encompass we have started the topic 'Why is London so special?'

We recapped our knowledge of the United Kingdom and then looked closely at where London is located in England. We then thought about how we would travel to London. Which form of transport would be the quickest way to travel? We investigated the how long each form of transport would take and compared them to choose the quickest way.

In Science we have started our topic 'Living Things and their Habitats'

We have looked closely at what 'living' meant and have sorted pictures of living things and not living. The children were then taught how we know something is living using MRS GREN. 

M - Movement

R - Respiration

S - Sensitivity


G - Growth

R - Reproduction

E - Excretion 

N - Nutrition