Hello and welcome to Narwhals Class, here you can find out all about our learning for the week!

We have had a brilliant first full week, the children have settled in brilliantly and it is like they have been here for months! They have worked very hard with their first proper week of lessons and they have produced lovely work. I have no doubt they will be in need of a rest this weekend.

Our English learning this week has seen us begin to plan and draft a character description for the main character of our new text, Rumaysa. To start off with we have looked at a WAGOLL  and extracted the skills and features from this to make our writing amazing. To follow on from this we looked at what each of our sections would be and decided to focus on things such as Rumaysa's appearance and actions.  To support us with this we have spent time looking at a range of effective vocabulary and to finish the week we looked at how to use relative clauses to add extra information to our writing.

In maths we have learnt all about place value this week. We have grown in confidence reading and writing numbers in numerals and words up to one million, then we have learnt to compare and order them. We have then moved on to applying our place value knowledge to Roman Numerals.  Since we did this last year, we learnt some of the more complex rules. Some of the children thought this would make the work difficult but were presently surprised when we did the tasks to find that they had mastered this difficult skill.

Our Science learning this week has seen us investigate gravity. If you ask the children who discovered this they would hopefully tell you it was Issac Newton and talk with you about his experiences with apples. We learnt about mass and weight and how this is used to measure the affect gravity has on an object and to finish off we put this into practice and had great fun using newton meters to see how much gravity affected objects in our room.

Our History learning began by exploring our new topic, Early Islamic Civilisation. We began by going back to the fourth century AD and looking at how the Romans created a western empire, based around Byzantium, which was renamed Constantinople after the Roman Emperor Constantine.

Our Geography learning saw us investigate how North and South America are composed and their locations. We talked about things such as population and size. When looking at longitude and latitude we discussed why and how this could be used in our lives.

Once again, well done Narwhals on a fantastic first week, I can already tell we are going to have a fantastic year!