To all parents and carers,

What a busy two weeks we have had. The school has been busy showcasing our talents at the Victoria Hall. We have had the pleasure of performing at Dance 19 – where we performed our Asian cultural dance, the recorder festival and the Key Stage two choir performance. What wonderful opportunities this provides for the children.

I am delighted to say that once the local authority has signed off the minibuses we will be out and about. Miss Gaskell has been adding even more opportunity trips for our topics and more children will be attending swimming from September, as we don’t have to pay for transport now! How fantastic!

As I shared previously, and when we see parents on the playground, we are confident we know all the parents are behind the school and also want their children attending an outstanding school. We have put a parent drop in to help give both positive and suggestions for improvement. The date of the forum is Tuesday 2nd April. You can drop in between 9 and 10.30am and 3.00 – 6pm. Please come along, we want to work in partnership with parents and will offer tours of the school to allow you to see the high quality teaching around school.

We are always keen to address any concerns parents have on a daily basis. Our motto is act  

We are going to be having a Spring day in the school grounds W.C 29th April 2019. This will be where we will encourage you to come and plant around school with us and a half term challenge will be given to all families to support this. Keep an eye out! We also have our attendance golden fortnight W.C 29th April 2018.

Mrs Knowles and the Waterside Team.