Image of Performing poetry
21 December 2023

Performing poetry

Year 6 have been performing their war poetry to the class, showing the Waterside value of courage when reading aloud.

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Image of Caption writing
13 December 2023

Caption writing

We applied our Phase 2 phonics to write captions. We remembered to try and use a finger space between words, and ensure that our letters are sitting on the line correctly. We are particularly focusing on our ascenders and descenders.

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Image of Paired editing
7 December 2023

Paired editing

Year 6 spent some time editing their independent writes this week. The children had been writing a discursive argument whether animals should be used in the war. We decided that there were elements of our writes which we could improve upon, so we practiced our editing skills in pairs on Miss…

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Image of Practising our Grammar Skills
30 November 2023

Practising our Grammar Skills

Today we have looked at a range of grammar skills that we have covered so far this  year in preparation for our Grammar Test next week!

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Image of Letter Larry
28 November 2023

Letter Larry

Today we identified the features of a letter with the help of Letter Larry. We used talk for writing to help us recall the key features.

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Image of Hot seating!
24 November 2023

Hot seating!

Today we used freeze framing to re enact  key elements of the story. We then created a bank of questions to ask Plop and used this to complete our hot seating. 

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Image of Debating in Year 6
24 November 2023

Debating in Year 6

Year 6 have taken part in a debate to consider whether animals should be used in the war.

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Image of Amazing alternative event
17 November 2023

Amazing alternative event

This week Year 4 have written an alternative event for their independent write. It has been lovely to see today the children self assessing and editing their own writing to improve, this is a skill we have been focussing on recently. Well done Year 4! 

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Image of Children in Need
17 November 2023

Children in Need

Today we celebrated Children in Need. We discussed why we are celebrating and how different people celebrate. 

The children loved coming to school in yellow, spotty clothes! We loved creating masks, cutting, tracing and taking part in Pudsey activities!

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Image of Writing initial sounds and CVC words!
14 November 2023

Writing initial sounds and CVC words!

We used our phonics to identify the initial sound in different words, before writing the corresponding grapheme. Some of us challenged ourselves to write CVC words by segmenting. We are becoming more confident when applying our phonics knowledge to spell!

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Image of War Horse!
9 November 2023

War Horse!

This week, Y6 have started their brand new text entitled ‘War Horse’. For our first lesson, we read the first three Chapters and looked more closely at the main character of Joey, considering his thoughts, feelings and actions. Y6 are really enjoying this text so far and we are really looking…

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Image of Fascinating facts!
8 November 2023

Fascinating facts!

Today we researched lots of wonderful facts about hedgehogs to help us with our non chronological report. We focused on their appearance, diet and habitat. We even found some fascinating wow facts too. 

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