Image of Super setting descriptions
15 September 2023

Super setting descriptions

Sharks class identified features of setting descriptions by text marking and annotating many WAGOLLs before creating our own checklist of an effective setting description.

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Image of Pre-Writing Shapes ✏
14 September 2023

Pre-Writing Shapes ✏

Today we showed Miss Mayer how we hold our pencils and how many of the pre-writing shapes we can complete. This is something we will be working on over the year as it will help us in so many ways. When colouring we will learn new types of lines to represent objects. people and animals and it will…

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Image of Drawing Time!
11 September 2023

Drawing Time!

We loved free colouring today! We could choose to draw anything we wanted. Miss Mayer was super impressed with how many colours we knew and how we could communicate our interests. We looked at what hand the crayons felt comfortable in and how we correctly hold a pencil/crayon.

Well done…

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Image of Persuasive Letter
14 July 2023

Persuasive Letter

This week in writing, we have been reading and finding features of persuasive letters ready to write our own letter next week.

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Image of Role on the wall
13 July 2023

Role on the wall

In preparation for our last piece of writing, a journalistic report, we brainstormed all we knew about a key eyewitness in the story of ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’.

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Image of Great grammar skills!
10 July 2023

Great grammar skills!

Year 5 Dolphins have revisited their homophone knowledge in their grammar lesson today.  It was lovely to see how this skill has improved since we last investigated it!

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Image of Transition day in Year 5
6 July 2023

Transition day in Year 5

Stingrays have become Dolphins today! We have been working hard with a creative piece of writing based on a music video about a girl and her pet giraffe. We have created our own vocabulary word bank with some adventurous adjectives and adverbs. We have enjoyed reading the stories and we look…

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Image of Planning for writing
4 July 2023

Planning for writing

Year 6 have been planning a formal letter. Sharks will be writing as Ayesha, the protagonist from our class text 'Oranges in No-Man's Land', attempting to persuade Dr Leila to provide medicine for her sick Grandma. The children have considered the main plot and shown their understanding in…

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Image of Child Labour Argument
30 June 2023

Child Labour Argument

Today we have begun writing our opening drafts for a discursive argument on whether child labour should be allowed, this links in with our class text of Holes in which the children are forced to work everyday! Our main focus today is relative clauses but it’s fantastic to see the children working…

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Image of Creating a group story map
30 June 2023

Creating a group story map

In our writing sessions this week, we have been planning our independent write based on our story Cliffhanger. We demonstrated excellent teamwork when we created group story maps of Tim’s experience in the obstacle race. We shared our maps and retold the story in detail. 

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Image of Finding the skills
27 June 2023

Finding the skills

Today we have begun our new writing journey to create a discursive argument, to begin we have spent the lesson looking at the structure of a discursive argument and how our Y5 skills can be used in one.

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Image of Wonderful Writing
23 June 2023

Wonderful Writing

This week in Writing we have been focussing on understanding how to punctuate dialogue correctly. This is something Stingrays at the beginning of the week really struggled with. We are very proud of how the children have shown such determination and resilience over the week; show casing just how…

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