Image of Tricky apostrophes!
14 June 2024

Tricky apostrophes!

This week in Writing we have addressed our misconceptions surrounding using apostrophes for possession. This is something year 4 have been finding really tricky but this week they have showed fantastic determination and resilience! Well done! 

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Image of Interviews on a Vanishing
24 May 2024

Interviews on a Vanishing

Today the children have practised their skills in journalism by conducting interviews with Tam and Holly about the disappearance of Varjak, taking on the role of interviewer and interviewee the children came up with lots of questions they could ask each other and thought carefully about how they…

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Image of Vocabulary to describe!
23 May 2024

Vocabulary to describe!

In Writing, we have started our new class text entitled ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’. For our first independent write we shall be writing a setting description of pre-war Beirut. In one of our lessons this week, we explored a range of vocabulary we could use to describe Beirut pre civil war and…

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Image of The Titanic!
3 May 2024

The Titanic!

For our piece of creative writing this week, we are going to be writing an informal letter as a survivor of the Titanic. Y6 have really enjoyed learning all about the Titanic and have produced some amazing pieces of work this week! Well done Y6, I look forward to reading your final independent…

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Image of Features of a letter
29 April 2024

Features of a letter

Today we looked at the features of a letter. We identified these features and year 2 standards used in a variety of different examples. 

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Image of Jack and the Mermaid Lagoon
26 April 2024

Jack and the Mermaid Lagoon

This week we have planned to write an alternative version of Jack and the Beanstalk! The children thought of some great ideas. We have changed the Giant to a Mermaid and instead of a beanstalk, Jack will dive into a crystal, clear lagoon to the Mermaid’s castle!

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Image of Character Roleplay!
19 April 2024

Character Roleplay!

This week we have taken part in some role play to explore our characters (in our new text 'The Firework Maker's Daughter) thoughts, feelings and emotions!

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Image of Tricky punctuation!
19 April 2024

Tricky punctuation!

As Y6 prepare for their SATs, we have recapped some tricky pieces of punctuation. We have focused on semi-colons, colons, dashes and hyphens. I was really impressed with how well Y6 have developed their understanding of these tricky pieces of punctuation and how they have applied their knowledge…

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Image of Perfect Planning!
18 April 2024

Perfect Planning!

Today we have planned our first person diary entry ready for when we complete our independent writes next week. We ensured we included the correct Year 5 standards in our plan to really help us when we are writing next week! 

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Image of The Firework Maker's Daughter!
12 April 2024

The Firework Maker's Daughter!

This week in writing Year 4 have started reading their brand new text for this term' The Firework Maker's Daughter'. We have created some role on the walls to begin to understand different characters thoughts, feelings and emotions.

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Image of Wicked!
1 March 2024


On Wednesday, our Year 5 classes travelled to London to watch Wicked. The performance was incredible and we throughly enjoyed the experience. We were so proud of all the children and a member of the public commented on how well behaved they were. Well done everyone! 

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Image of Really tricky relative clauses!
1 March 2024

Really tricky relative clauses!

In Grammar this week, we have started to look at a going deeper year 4 skill of using relative clauses to add extra detail into our writing. We will continue to look at this skill next week!

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