Image of Jack and the…… ocean?
19 May 2023

Jack and the…… ocean?

Year 1 have been superb authors when writing their alternative retell of Jack and the Beanstalk. They changed characters, settings and key events in the story. During their independent write the children used adjectives, suffix’s, and conjunction - some even used speech marks correctly without any…

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Image of A royal parade fit for a king!
5 May 2023

A royal parade fit for a king!

Year 1 enjoyed showcasing their fantastic crown designs in front of their friends, year 2 and year 3. They paraded on to the stage with confidence and wore their crowns with pride. The children continued to wear their crowns for the rest of the day’s celebrations including their royal tea party.…

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Image of Year 1 Geography- Physical features of the countryside
18 April 2023

Year 1 Geography- Physical features of the countryside

Wow! Year 1 were absolutely amazed by the images of the countryside when learning about the physical features, such as valleys, forests, fields and mountains. They were able to recall and rehearse their new knowledge before applying it independently to their own task. Year 1 were able to label…

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20 March 2023

Week 25 - 20.03.23

In English this week we have been focusing on writing a letter based on the story of Lost and Found. First we we kept the features of a letter before we then went on to creating a plan together. From this plan we wrote the introduction of our letter to the birds to tell them the penguin was safe…

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13 March 2023

Week 24 - W/C 13.03.23


This week in English we have been writing it and alternative retail of lost and found. The children chose to change the character of the penguin to an alien and they said that he went to space rather than the South Pole. Our focus this week was using conjunctions and the suffixes ing…

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6 March 2023

Week 23 - W/C 06.03.23

What’s a wonderful but snowy week we have had this week! Although it was a bit of a distraction the children have really enjoyed this now and we are still super focused on their learning.


this week in English we have worked on retelling the story of lost and found. To begin the week…

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27 February 2023

Week 22 - W/C 27.02.23

Well I can’t believe we are in Spring Term 2 already. What an amazing first week we have had!

This week we introduced our new value of the half term. The focus value is inspiration. We talked about what this meant and how we could be an inspiration and show inspiration as well as talking about…

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13 February 2023


Well I can not believe we are at the end of Spring Term 1. It has simply flown by. The children have all worked hard showing determination, which has been our value of the half term. They have grown in confidence and independence and shown increased pride in their work. 

In English this week,…

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6 February 2023


What an amazing week we have had in Seal Class this week. The children have been working hard in all areas of their learning and wowing me with their recall of key information learned. 

In English this week, the children have been focusing on writing poetry – specifically acrostic poems. To…

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30 January 2023


A fabulous week in Seal Class this week, with children working harder to become more independent in their learning and pushing themselves hard to progress through the challenges set. Thus showing determination, which continues to be the focus this half term for our school value.

In English this…

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23 January 2023


What another amazing week of learning we have had in Seal Class! This week has also been the best attendance we have had for a while. So a huge well done to each and everyone one of you.

In English this week, we have been focusing on letter writing. We focused first on the features of a letter…

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16 January 2023


It’s been a very cold this week and we’ve even had a number of snow showers, resulting in some of us unable to come to school. However, this didn’t stop us, those who stayed at home completed home learning, sending in lots of photos of their hard work which was wonderful to see. For those of us…

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