Image of Sports Day
25 June 2024

Sports Day

We had a super Sports Day with Reception!
We have been working so hard on our races and we were so happy to share these with our families. We all took part in different races and cheered our friends on when it was their turn. 
thank you so much for coming and sharing this with us. 

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Image of Forest School Fun!
21 June 2024

Forest School Fun!

For our last Forest School session this academic year, we celebrated by enjoying a toasted marshmallow, more den building (this is our favourite activity), mud painting and chalking. The children truly do thrive in outdoor learning! 

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Image of Practise makes perfect!
19 June 2024

Practise makes perfect!

This week during PE we have practised for our upcoming Sports Day! We have practised a sprint, sack races and an assault course. 

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Image of Moving in different ways-Gymnastics
19 April 2024

Moving in different ways-Gymnastics

Today in PE the children have been looking at moving in different ways. We role played being an alien flying to the moon and explored how an alien could move. We moved as a slow alien, a wide alien, a tall alien and an energetic alien. We also recapped the shapes we learn in gymnastics last week…

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Image of Throwing and Catching
26 February 2024

Throwing and Catching

This week we used our prior knowledge of ‘underarm throw’ to begin throwing and catching to friends. We recapped target throwing at the beginning of the lesson and most were ready to move on.

We learnt the importance of knowing our partner is ready to catch for their safety. Making eye contact,…

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Image of Forest School - Knots and Frames
23 February 2024

Forest School - Knots and Frames

This week Y5 had a fantastic PE lesson, starting their forest schooling with Miss Barker! It’s truly a unique experience and the children loved getting the chance to learn how to tie knots and using this skill to make frames out of sticks. We can’t wait for the next lesson!

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Image of Change4Life Excel Academy Event
23 February 2024

Change4Life Excel Academy Event

This week Year 3 and 4 took part in School Games ‘Change4Life’ event that took place at Excel Academy. We had so much fun taking part in a range of active activities putting our skills to the test. We took part in activities we have done in school such as fitness, multi skills, parachute games. We…

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Image of Active 60 Festival at Fenton Sports Manor
22 February 2024

Active 60 Festival at Fenton Sports Manor

This week year 1 and 2 went to Fenton Manor to take part alongside other schools. We were able to stay active for a full 60 minutes, taking part in a range of sporting activities. 
We had such positive feedback from the children and it was lovely to see them working as a team and communicating to…

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Image of Target Throwing
19 February 2024

Target Throwing

In PE we have moved on to learning ball skills. The children have began with ‘throwing’. We learnt how to use an underarm throw and practised throwing a bean bag into a target. 
we moved the hoop closer for support and further away when we began to challenge our selfs. 
we had so much fun and…

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Image of Dancing!
8 February 2024


In PE we have been taking part in dancing. 

This week we loved learning dance moves and adding these to music. We started with warming up to a familiar dance, following the actions as best as we could. We then took some of these moves and made our own sequence. We added music and danced. 

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Image of Orienteering experts
13 December 2023

Orienteering experts

Year 6 used instructions with directional vocabulary to move their sightless teammates to a chosen location.

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Image of Gymnastics!
1 December 2023


We have been doing Gymnastics this half term on a Friday with Miss Cawley. We have used our body to make shapes such as a pike, tuck, straddle. Today we have begun to practise different jumps. We really enjoy our PE lessons!

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