Image of Life cycle of a bird!
3 May 2024

Life cycle of a bird!

We have had a great time in Science this afternoon as we have created a model to represent the life cycle of a bird.  We then presented them to the class using key vocabulary! 

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Image of 3-D Shapes
30 April 2024

3-D Shapes

Today Y5 have had a hands on lesson examining 3-D shapes and their properties. We have reminded ourselves of their names and also examined the number of vertices, edges and faces they have. The children have then created fact files of these on their tablets that they can look back at later on.

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Image of Using a protractor to measure angles
19 April 2024

Using a protractor to measure angles

Today in maths we have learnt how to use our protractors to measure angles up to 180 degrees, the children have been using vocabulary such as the origin on a protractor and the vertex which is where two lines meet. We also had to classify whether the angles we measured were acute, obtuse or right…

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Image of Funky Favelas!
18 April 2024

Funky Favelas!

Today we have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of living in a favela. Did you know that in favelas there are no sewers or electricity provided! 

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Image of Perfect Planning!
18 April 2024

Perfect Planning!

Today we have planned our first person diary entry ready for when we complete our independent writes next week. We ensured we included the correct Year 5 standards in our plan to really help us when we are writing next week! 

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Image of Engaging in Maths
7 March 2024

Engaging in Maths

Year 6 have been using their iPads to work though Maths problems with their teacher. Using our technology means that all children are engaged and taking an active role in every lesson. 

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Image of Junior Reporters
1 March 2024

Junior Reporters

Today the children have used what they saw in Wicked to create some quotes for their next piece of writing, they have focused on using both direct and reported speech and learnt how these differ in terms of the tense and pronouns used as well as the punctuation. They’ve come up with some brilliant…

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Image of Let’s up the voltage!
27 February 2024

Let’s up the voltage!

Year 6 have been investigating what happens when we increase the voltage in a circuit. 

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Image of Making our Characters come alive!
2 February 2024

Making our Characters come alive!

Carrying on with our work from last week, this week Y5 have done a range of role play activities to make their characters come alive. This helped the children really understand the characters they are going to be writing about in ways such as how they talk, how they interact with others and how…

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Image of Creating a Character
26 January 2024

Creating a Character

Today in Writing we introduced the next topic we would be writing about and that is an alternative character, the class was very excited when they learned they would be working together to create these new characters and we ended up with some amazing creations, such as; a Sheep who lost his baa,…

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Image of Imperial War Museum
23 January 2024

Imperial War Museum

Year 6 visited the Imperial War Museum after studying ‘War Horse’ in our English lessons. We further extended our knowledge of how animals were helpful in the war effort through an interactive tour of the museum. 

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Image of Year 6 citizenship
19 January 2024

Year 6 citizenship

Year 6 completed their first citizenship task by helping out in another year group. We helped year one to plant flowers, showing friendship, respect and determination in doing so.

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