Image of Art and crafts
30 April 2024

Art and crafts

Check out these amazing optical illusion pictures created by our talented year 5 and 6 children!! 

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Image of Funky fingers!
13 March 2024

Funky fingers!

Our year two funky fingers learned how to finger knit! With patience and skill we made some colourful bangles! 

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Image of World Book Day Fun
7 March 2024

World Book Day Fun

This morning for World Book Day we have been looking at the story Matilda. We drew our favourite character from the text and used our iPads to animate them and bring them to life. We had so much fun doing this and the result was fantastic. Look out for the video to follow!

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Image of Funky Fingers
28 February 2024

Funky Fingers

Today in funky fingers our year 2 children got creative peg boards! They created some amazing patterns! They also made some very impressive structures with the construction straws!

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Image of Funky fingers!
31 January 2024

Funky fingers!

Our year 2s got chatty making their chatter box’s today! They made them very colourful and shared some very kind  and positive comments to each other!

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Image of Funky fingers fun!
25 January 2024

Funky fingers fun!

Here are our year 2s getting super creative with the play dough! We had some very interesting and detailed models!

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Image of Master Puppeteers
22 January 2024

Master Puppeteers

Year 6 have worked in teams to brainstorm ideas for their shadow puppet creations. They have considered the scenery, characters and what resources they will enquire to create their performance.

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Image of Funky Fingers Fun!
16 January 2024

Funky Fingers Fun!

Our FS funky fingers got busy with the plasticine and enjoyed making lots of shapes and figures!

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Image of Garage Band enrichment
22 December 2023

Garage Band enrichment

Our Garage Band superstars produced some fantastic music including in a dance style, acoustic and even music from other cultures.

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Image of Performing poetry
21 December 2023

Performing poetry

Year 6 have been performing their war poetry to the class, showing the Waterside value of courage when reading aloud.

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Image of Christmas Sing Alog
11 December 2023

Christmas Sing Alog

Today the Singing Superstars visited a Care home to sing some Christmas songs to the residents. The residents joined in with the singing, clapped along and some even had a little boogie.  We were so proud of the children. 

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Image of Budding artists
27 November 2023

Budding artists

Year 6 have been creating a basis for their activist art over the past few weeks. They have layered different pieces of wallpaper to create a textured surface before painting it white. Over the coming weeks, they will add important messages and images to their art to convey powerful messages.

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