Image of Forest School Enrichment Morning
8 July 2024

Forest School Enrichment Morning

What a super morning we have had! We enjoyed a forest school experience for enrichment day and we have been doing lots of different activities.

We loved den building, using our imagination, problem solving skills and working together to make a den. We then enjoyed some hot chocolate in our…

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Image of Our First Time in Reception!
4 July 2024

Our First Time in Reception!

This week we spent 2 days in our new classrooms with our new teachers. 
We were very excited and a little nervous but we had the best time exploring the room, activities and getting to our new teacher. 
Miss Curtis and Miss Edward’s both had such lovely things to say about the children and they…

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Image of Sequencing
2 July 2024


This week we have been using vocabulary to describe events. We sequence routines familiar to us and used language ‘fist, then, next, last’ to describe what we had sequenced. 
super vocab! 

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Image of Senses and Textures
26 June 2024

Senses and Textures

The children have loved using their senses to explore the different materials. They have been using lots of vocabulary such as ‘soft, rough, smooth, fluffy’. Together we felt the materials and grouped them into the correct category.

Super vocabulary!

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Image of Patterns!
16 May 2024


In maths we are focusing on patterns. The children have previously explored patterns all around us such as colours, animal prints, wallpapers and on our clothes. 
This week we have looked at making our own repeating patterns. We began with looking at ABA patterns and describing what we see, we…

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Image of Rhyme Time!
8 May 2024

Rhyme Time!

We began with creating sounds through body percussion and showing Miss Mayer how well we could listen and copy the actions/sounds. We then incorporated the instruments playing slow, fast, loud and quiet. The children were super and listening and then repeating my rhythm. 

We then looked at…

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Image of Old Mac Donald had a Farm
7 May 2024

Old Mac Donald had a Farm

We sang the song ‘Old Mc Donald had a farm’. We identified all of the different animals on a farm and the sounds they make. We then looked through the story at different sounds, places and people on the farm. We found tractors, ponds, farmers, and scarecrows. 
We then enjoyed changing the lyrics…

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Image of Stay and Play with Nursery
3 May 2024

Stay and Play with Nursery

Thank you so much to everybody who attended the play and stay sessions. It was lovely to show you around our classroom and share our learning about the farm with you. I know the children had so much fun decorating animals, showing you their favourite areas and making memories with you. 

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Image of Team Games
26 April 2024

Team Games

In PE this term we will be focusing on a team Games. The children have been working within small groups to complete different activities. 

We will focus on our ability to follow instructions and rules of the game, turn taking, and communication with friends. Within games we can sometimes find…

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Image of Forest School Fun
24 April 2024

Forest School Fun

We have had an amazing time at forest school. We took part in a variety of activities to help us understand and care for animals and living things in our environment. We explored natural materials and used them to express our ideas and thoughts through art. 

We took part in mud painting, leaf…

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Image of Our Trip to Pets at Home
19 April 2024

Our Trip to Pets at Home

In Ducklings we have been learning all about pets. What makes a good pet, what would not make a good pet and how to take care of them. The children have learnt about animals basic needs such as food, water, medicine and their need for care and love. 
we had a great time at pets at home because we…

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Image of Junk Modelling!
19 April 2024

Junk Modelling!

We love junk modelling! We thought about what we would like to build and then independently chose our resources. We thought about where and how to stick them, what shapes may represent my model and enjoyed describing them to our friends. 
We had lots of different models such as rockets, cars,…

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