Image of Year 6 citizenship
19 January 2024

Year 6 citizenship

Year 6 completed their first citizenship task by helping out in another year group. We helped year one to plant flowers, showing friendship, respect and determination in doing so.

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Image of Light investigation
19 January 2024

Light investigation

Year 6 investigated what happens to their pupil when their eye is exposed to light.

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Image of Vocabulary Gallery
18 January 2024

Vocabulary Gallery

Today the children have looked at some of the high level vocabulary that can be found in our new text “The Wizard of Oz” we looked not only at the definition of these words but also how they can be used in year 5 level sentences such as expanded noun phrases and relative clauses.

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Image of Solids, Liquids and Gases
12 January 2024

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Today the children have started their new topic of properties of materials, starting at the very beginning of this we have investigated the differences between solids, liquids and gases right down to their particles.

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Image of Red2Blue
9 January 2024


Year 6 completed some art using Zentangle patterns to show the complexities within the human mind as we work towards building resilience when moving from our Red to our Blue head during trickier times.

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Image of Garage Band enrichment
22 December 2023

Garage Band enrichment

Our Garage Band superstars produced some fantastic music including in a dance style, acoustic and even music from other cultures.

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Image of Performing poetry
21 December 2023

Performing poetry

Year 6 have been performing their war poetry to the class, showing the Waterside value of courage when reading aloud.

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Image of Y5 DT Day - Making Soup
13 December 2023

Y5 DT Day - Making Soup

Today we have spent the whole day researching, preparing, making, tasting and evaluating soup! We used onions, leeks, potatoes and carrots! All of these vegetables were sliced up by the children and added to our soup maker resulting in a delicious treat that the children enjoyed, if ever you’re…

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Image of Orienteering experts
13 December 2023

Orienteering experts

Year 6 used instructions with directional vocabulary to move their sightless teammates to a chosen location.

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Image of Fashion Designer
11 December 2023

Fashion Designer

Today we have finalised our art project by using the patterns we painted to create clothes for our cardboard models. The use of colours and patterns has made each piece of art very unique!

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Image of Christmas Jumper Day
8 December 2023

Christmas Jumper Day

Year 6 dressed up in their most wintery, Christmas-style attire to celebrate Christmas Jumper Day!

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Image of Paired editing
7 December 2023

Paired editing

Year 6 spent some time editing their independent writes this week. The children had been writing a discursive argument whether animals should be used in the war. We decided that there were elements of our writes which we could improve upon, so we practiced our editing skills in pairs on Miss…

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