Image of Making connections!
23 February 2024

Making connections!

This week in Writing we have started preparing for our next independent write which is going to be an alternative event. Yesterday we focussed on using high level vocabulary to describe. I was amazed at how the children were able to link the vocabulary they were using such as densely populated to…

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Image of Feature finding!
22 February 2024

Feature finding!

This week in Writing, we worked in pairs to find features of formal letter writing in a range of different WAGOLLs. We worked really well in pairs, showing our school values of respect and excellence! 

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Image of Talk for writing- Cave Baby
21 February 2024

Talk for writing- Cave Baby

In book talk the children were looking at the story cave baby. We then completed a talk for writing activity where the children thought of a picture for each part of the story. We then retold the story from the beginning to the end using the pictures the children had decided upon. We love talk for…

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Image of Creating a Character
26 January 2024

Creating a Character

Today in Writing we introduced the next topic we would be writing about and that is an alternative character, the class was very excited when they learned they would be working together to create these new characters and we ended up with some amazing creations, such as; a Sheep who lost his baa,…

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Image of Imperial War Museum
23 January 2024

Imperial War Museum

Year 6 visited the Imperial War Museum after studying ‘War Horse’ in our English lessons. We further extended our knowledge of how animals were helpful in the war effort through an interactive tour of the museum. 

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Image of Vocabulary Gallery
18 January 2024

Vocabulary Gallery

Today the children have looked at some of the high level vocabulary that can be found in our new text “The Wizard of Oz” we looked not only at the definition of these words but also how they can be used in year 5 level sentences such as expanded noun phrases and relative clauses.

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Image of Letter formation
15 January 2024

Letter formation

Today in literacy we have been focusing on forming the letters c, an and o. We began by tracing the letters before having a go at forming them ourselves. This is a real focus currently as the children are building up to being able to write captions and full sentences. We love writing in reception!

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Image of Performing poetry
21 December 2023

Performing poetry

Year 6 have been performing their war poetry to the class, showing the Waterside value of courage when reading aloud.

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Image of Paired editing
7 December 2023

Paired editing

Year 6 spent some time editing their independent writes this week. The children had been writing a discursive argument whether animals should be used in the war. We decided that there were elements of our writes which we could improve upon, so we practiced our editing skills in pairs on Miss…

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Image of Practising our Grammar Skills
30 November 2023

Practising our Grammar Skills

Today we have looked at a range of grammar skills that we have covered so far this  year in preparation for our Grammar Test next week!

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Image of Debating in Year 6
24 November 2023

Debating in Year 6

Year 6 have taken part in a debate to consider whether animals should be used in the war.

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Image of Hedgehogs!
15 November 2023


We used the leaves we collected last week to use for spikes on our clay hedgehogs.  We knew lots of facts about hedgehogs because we had been learning about them in our English lessons. Ms Barker was very impressed by our knowledge! 

Other activities this week included bug hunting and mud…

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