Image of Hand art to create a menorah
23 November 2023

Hand art to create a menorah

We used our hands and sponges to create menorah art, as part of our learning about the festival of Hanukkah. We carefully positioned our fingers to create nine candles before adding the flames to the candles using a sponge. We discussed the significance of the menorah to Hanukkah. 

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Image of Positional language
16 November 2023

Positional language

We learnt that we can use positional language (e.g. in, on, behind, in front) to describe the position of objects. We followed instructions to demonstrate our understanding of this vocabulary. We then used the vocabulary ourselves to describe the position of the teddy bear.

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Image of Writing initial sounds and CVC words!
14 November 2023

Writing initial sounds and CVC words!

We used our phonics to identify the initial sound in different words, before writing the corresponding grapheme. Some of us challenged ourselves to write CVC words by segmenting. We are becoming more confident when applying our phonics knowledge to spell!

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Image of Leaf rubbings
9 November 2023

Leaf rubbings

We created leaf rubbings using leaves from our environment and wax crayons. We discussed what colours the leaves of deciduous trees change to in autumn and chose appropriate colours to complete our art. 

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Image of Shape hunt!
9 November 2023

Shape hunt!

We went on a shape hunt in our outdoor environment, searching for circles and triangles. We discussed the properties of these shapes, including the number of sides and corners. We managed to find lots in our environment, working as a team!

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Image of Still life photography
26 October 2023

Still life photography

We arranged harvest vegetables to create still life art. We worked together as a team to place the vegetables in position before using an iPad to take our own photographs of our art work. 

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Image of Autumn Walk
23 October 2023

Autumn Walk

We went on a walk around our school environment to observe signs of autumn. We discussed the weather, the changes we could see to the trees and we also discussed the warm clothes we were wearing. We noticed lots of the trees in our school grounds had started to change colour, and the leaves had…

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Image of Hanley in the past and present
17 October 2023

Hanley in the past and present

We looked at images of Hanley in the past and present and compared the similarities and differences. We then sorted the images into groups based on our knowledge of how Hanley has changed over time.

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Image of Observational drawings
28 September 2023

Observational drawings

We made careful observations of a range of natural objects, including shells, pebbles, sticks and leaves. We discussed the different shapes, textures and colours that we could see. After this, we selected which resource we wanted to draw with, before carefully drawing our chosen objects. This was…

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Image of Searching for circles
22 September 2023

Searching for circles

In Art this week, we developed our visual literacy skills by exploring our outdoor environment to find circles. We discussed how we use our sense of sight to see and explore. We developed our shape recognition in the environment and took photographs to record the many circles we could…

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Image of Sorting objects
21 September 2023

Sorting objects

We have been learning about matching and sorting objects in Maths this week. In our adult-led activity, we sorted objects into groups. We began by sorting the objects based on the type of object we had e.g. 'bears' and 'not bears'. We then sorted them by colour - 'blue' and 'not blue'. The…

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Image of Tweezer skills
19 September 2023

Tweezer skills

We developed our fine motor skills by using tweezers to move objects onto different lines and shapes. We showed brilliant concentration and determination to keep going and complete our shapes. We will continue to practise using different one-handed tools over the coming weeks to develop our finger…

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