Image of Child Labour Argument
30 June 2023

Child Labour Argument

Today we have begun writing our opening drafts for a discursive argument on whether child labour should be allowed, this links in with our class text of Holes in which the children are forced to work everyday! Our main focus today is relative clauses but it’s fantastic to see the children working…

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Image of Set Design
28 June 2023

Set Design

As I’m sure you know we’re gearing yo for our UKS2 production of Ali Baba, as well as acting and singing there is a lot of other work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the production looks amazing and runs smoothly, today are stage crew have done an absolutely amazing job getting our…

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Image of Finding the skills
27 June 2023

Finding the skills

Today we have begun our new writing journey to create a discursive argument, to begin we have spent the lesson looking at the structure of a discursive argument and how our Y5 skills can be used in one.

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Image of Game Designer!
20 June 2023

Game Designer!

Definitely my favourite kind of lesson, the children have been creating their own design for a game today, we’ve had creative freedom to make an environment we love with control over the sky,  ceiling, floor and even fire/water obstacles! The children have thoroughly enjoyed this and it was great…

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Image of Sports Day!
19 June 2023

Sports Day!

An amazing effort from all the children today for Sports Day 2023! All the children have performed brilliantly and shown true sportsmanship in the way they conducted themselves and showed support for each other whether they won or not! Also a big thank you to all the parents that came to watch,…

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Image of Reading SATs Booster
16 June 2023

Reading SATs Booster

To prepare for year 6, as well as our usual lessons we have begun looking at the style of questions used in a past SATs paper

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Image of Two way tables
16 June 2023

Two way tables

Today we have looked at how to read and answers questions about two way tables, these come in a variety of different forms and can be used to measure all kinds of useful data such as; distance, attendance, quantity and capacity. Some of the tables had never been seen before but we were surprised…

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Image of Plotting on a line graph
13 June 2023

Plotting on a line graph

Today Year 5 have been learning how to draw a line graph using a range of data and even plotting more than one set of data onto the same graph. The children recalled how we have talked about using these to represent data from our experiments and the benefits of using this kind of graph. One boy…

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Image of Height of babies as part of science
9 June 2023

Height of babies as part of science

In science today we have looked at how babies grow and develop, two things we have focused on specifically are the height and weight changes from 0-12 months old. In order to represent our data we looked at using line and bar graphs to create a representation of given data, the children were able…

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Image of Freeze Frames of Holes
8 June 2023

Freeze Frames of Holes

Today the children have been acting out parts of our opening paragraphs from our new class text ‘Holes’ this photo was taken during our freeze frames when one of the children at Camp Green Lake decided to attack our main character Stanley

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Image of Percentages in Year 5
7 June 2023

Percentages in Year 5

In Narwhals we have worked very hard on our percentage work, today saw us using our prior knowledge of equivalent fractions in order to convert between fractions and percentages

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Image of Life cycles of different animals
26 May 2023

Life cycles of different animals

Today we have finished our topic of Living things and their habitats by looking at the life cycles of mammals, amphibians, insects and birds. We have discussed the similarities and differences between their life cycles, looking at aspects such as which of them undergo metamorphosis, which come…

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