This week we have started looking at our poetry topic, we have been reading a poem call ‘Recipe to make a wolf’ by Pie Corbett. We started by discussing what we liked and dislikes about the poem. On Wednesday we started looking at ideas of how we could start writing our poem, together we came up with different combinations of things that reminded us of different animals. On Thursday we then created a plan to help us write our poem ‘Recipe to make a pig’. In Friday’s lesson we wrote our poem, I have been blown away all week by the children’s creativity.


In Maths this week we have started statistics, we looked in depth at how to interpret a pictogram, bar graph and tally charts. We then had a go at creating out own. On Thursday we worked together to answer statistical word problems, using RUCSAC to help us. On Friday we then had a go independently applying the skills we have learnt all week.


In History this week we learnt about the oldest story in the world, the Epic of Gilgamesh. We all loved the story, coming up with actions for certain words and discussing the parts we enjoyed the most. In Geography, we continued with our Agriculture topic, this week zooming in on Pastoral farming, we learnt that this refers to farmers who just care and raise animals. We enjoyed looking at all the different farms, and in particular the animals on them.


This week we have been celebrating British Science Week, the theme this year is ‘Connection’. How things are linked, we looked at the nature at the eco system.How plants, insects and birds need the soil to survive. 


We looked at different ways to jump, depending on height and distance.