This week, we have been learning about the upcoming season of Spring! We learnt about different signs of Spring, such as the days getting longer, leaves beginning to grow on the trees, and the birth of animals such as chicks and lambs. We watched videos about Spring and looked at photographs, using our senses to help us describe what we can see and hear during the season. 

As part of our learning about Spring, we explored the growth of plants. We discussed how plants grow, including the different parts of the plant that we see during the growing process. We also discussed the conditions plants need to grow.

In writing, we have been writing captions about Spring. We are becoming much more confident with our application of phonics to spell, as well as our use of finger spaces between words. 

In Maths, we have been learning about addition. We practised practically adding two groups by counting how many we had altogether to find the total. We then moved onto adding using pictorial representations, and wrote the number sentences to match.

In phonics, we have been recapping our Phase 3 sounds, and practised reading these within words. We are continuing to build our fluency in reading and are becoming more confident with our decoding and sight reading.

On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day. We dressed in bright colours to celebrate, and enjoyed taking part in lots of reading activities throughout the day. We read stories about different cultures, created our own bookmarks and read to each other in our buddy reading session. We had a fantastic day!