Before the children write their diary entry, they have practised using adverbs to describe a verb for the first English lesson of the week. After this, the children have independently wrote the diary entry from Isabel’s perspective using all of the writing skills that they have previously practised and using their diary entry plan. 

The children are very proud of their writing and so they should be! They have all written in first person to complete a diary entry for a day in Isabel’s life. Many children used the different sentence types with the correct punctuation, openers, conjunctions and adverbs. We will continue to focus on using adverbs to describe a verb. 

The next genre of writing the children will work towards is Poetry. The children have been introduced to a Cinquain Poem and we have identified the pattern and word types used. We are writing a Cinquian Poem on the theme Winter so the children have then looked at images of Winter and collected lots of winter themed vocabulary that they can use in their own writing.

The children have begun the topic of fractions in Maths this week. They have learnt to find and recognise a half, quarter and third of a shape, number or length. The children also applied this learning to finding and recognising 2/4 and 3/4 of a shape, number or length. The children have used concrete equipment such as counters to complete the questions or have used a sharing method using a whiteboard to answer them.

In Geography the children have learnt the difference between Urban and Rural. They have used basic geographical vocabulary to describe the differences between these. The children have compared two contrasting locations that are urban and rural using aerial photographs of the areas and looked at the human and physical features they have seen in both.

In Science the children have focused on the question ‘What do we need to eat?’ 

They have learnt to describe the importance for humans to eat the right amounts of different types of foods. The children have sorted the different food types into the 5 food groups and they have learnt the importance of each for the body and why it is important to have a balanced diet. Some children then created a balanced meal using the knowledge of the different food groups and the amounts we should have of each.