A fabulous week in Seal Class this week, with children working harder to become more independent in their learning and pushing themselves hard to progress through the challenges set. Thus showing determination, which continues to be the focus this half term for our school value.

In English this week, we have continued to work on our letter writing. We have written a letter, in first person, to Teddy, from Bear, to thank him for being our friend. We used the checklists we created to ensure we included the key features as well as our focus skills, suffixes  -ing, -ed, first person (me, we, our, I, us) and sentence punctuation. On Friday, we then completed an independent write, using all our knowledge to write a letter to the man to thank him for rescuing us (the bear) from the pond. It was a pleasure to read the letter the children produced and I was so proud of each and everyone of the. =)

In Maths, we have been continuing to focus on multiplication. We began by working on our multiples of 10, both practically and through varied fluency, problem solving and reasoning. We then moved onto making equal groups, repeated addition and used practical resources to create arrays. 

In History, we looked at the question 'Who is Josiah Wedgewood?' We found out that he was famous for making pottery and was known for his work all across the world. We found out that he had his own Pottery Factories and the importance of the Trent and Mersey canal in helping to transport the goods more quickly and safely than on the dangerous and bumpy roads using pack horses.

In Science, we had lots of fun investigating the question 'Do we have more rainfall in winter or in autumn?' We looked at what is included in scientific investigation. We wrote our first hypothesis, predicting what we thought the outcome would be. We then talked about the equipment and resources we needed and the method we would need to follow. Using a rainfall report, we then measured out the rainfall that fall in each of the months for autumn and winter. From this we concluded that we have more rainfall in autumn than in winter. We talked how this is due to having other weather types like snow, frost, hail in winter.

In Art, we have continued our work on sculpture. This week we looked at the work of Brendan Jamison, a British artist who was born in Belfast. He created sculptures  with unusual materials, such as wax, wool and sugar cubes. We used sugar cubes to create bottle kilns and towers, as he liked to create sculptures of buildings. 

Have a wonderful weekend. 

Miss Bickerton-Dean and Mrs Dove xx