What another brilliant week of learning! 


This week have been focusing on letter writing. We focused first on the features of a letter - thinking about the address, greeting and introductory paragraph etc. We followed this by thinking about the character who the bear would write a letter to - the teddy bear and the man. The children then had a go a writing their introductory paragraph to the teddy bear. Following this the children continued to work on using conjunctions in the main body of the letter. To end the week the children focused on adding -ing and -ed to verbs, ready to write the rest of their main body next week.


We have focused on learning to count in 5s this week. We have worked extremely hard in maths  and shown lots of determination. We started by using concrete resources to practcially count in multiples of 5, helping to reinforce we are adding 5 each time. Then we moved on to using songs and games to help us secure. Finally we added the week beginning to problem solve using our new knowledge.


The Seagulls have been fascinated in History this week. We have been learning about pottery factories in Stoke-on-Trent in the past. The children learnt what a pottery factory is and jobs that children had. They were amazed to find that children had the hardest work and the least pay! 


This week the children wowed us with their knowledge of winter! They learnt about how the weather changes from autumn to winter. They also used their own experiences of winter to add to their learning e.g. the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer. 


This week we were inspired by the work of Jill Townsley, who used small everyday objects to create her sculptures. The children used plastic spoons and elastic bands to build their own sculptures.