It has been yet another busy week here in Nursery with lots of exciting learning taking place. This week, we really enjoyed learning all about Chinese New Year, and made colour mixing handprint Chinese dragons and food menus which developed our fine motor skills. As well as this, on our Funky Fingers table we practiced using chopsticks to pick up our wool noodles! We really enjoyed exploring the 12 animals for each year and practicing neat and accurate colouring of these. 

Chinese New Year
We really enjoyed watching the following video to learn all about Chinese New Year.

We have also looked at the artist Edvard Munch this week and explored some of his work, focusing on colours and emotions within the paintings. We then created our own versions of one of his famous paintings, and captured a shocked face really well!

In Maths we week we have worked really hard on our subitising skills and enjoyed having competitions to see who can subitise the quickest! Through songs and games we have started to show lots of confidence in this new skill. 

In the outdoor area this week we have taken part in an obstacle course, which has helped us to develop our gross motor skills. We enjoyed moving in a range of ways through this, such as running, hopping and jumping around a range of equipment. We helped each other and ensured to negotiate space carefully. 

Through our child initiated learning, we also made a bus using lots of equipment from outside. We then role played being on the bus, and sang the wheels on the bus to support our learning!

We hope that everybody in Nursery enjoys a well deserved weekend and look forward to seeing you on Monday!