Nursery have had yet another busy week this week, with lots of exciting learning taking place! We have been practicing our name writing and our letter formation is starting to develop beautifully. As well as this, we have been able to continue our learning of our Winter topic by exploring a range of types of weather this week - including very heavy rain! We were able to talk about what clothes we might need to wear and what we may use in order to keep ourselves dry in these types of Winter weather. 

Here we are deciding which clothes we should wear in Winter and which we should save for Summer!

Whilst outside we also showed an interest in exploring how we could hear sound through the cups and string. It was really funny to hear our friends through this!

In Maths, we have been exploring patterns, and have really enjoyed playing the following game in order to support our understanding.

Train Patterns

We really enjoyed experimenting with lots of ice this week and thinking about how we could melt this. Lots of language was used during this activity such as 'cold' 'slippery' and 'melting' as we explored the ice! We noticed the ice begin to turn to water and talked about how this meant that it was beginning to melt. 

During facilitation, we had a great time working together to create an enormous road for our cars to travel on. This also included bridges, and traveled all the way to the nursery door! We showed brilliant team work and engagement skills during this activity and were able to take turns, and negotiate space with once another really successfully. 

Fitting with our topic Winter, we explored how we could create snowflake pictures using forks as our tool for painting. We had lots of fun adding glitter to our designs!

Well done to Nursery for such a fantastic week! We hope you all have a great weekend.