Happy New Year! It's now 2023 and we are back ready to learn! The children have settled quickly back into their routine and have enjoyed the first 3 days back.

In English, we have introduced the children to their new class text for the half term: The Invisible by Tom Percival. We have identified the key features of a fiction text including the character, setting and themes throughout the book. We have also looked at how Isabel's emotions change throughout the story and why.

In Maths, we have continued our learning on Money from before the Winter break. We have been adding pounds and pence to find the total both practically using the coins and then completing independent tasks. We have then moved on to selecting money to make a given total.

The children have enjoyed the foundation subjects in the afternoons including R.E, PSHCE, Computing, Art, Music and P.E.

They have been introduced to the new topics that we will be covering this half term. Please see the Curriculum Overview Map that is on our website.