In English, we’ve been working on war poetry. Specifically, we have been studying Dulce et decorum est. First, we had to understand the events and conditions of WW1 so we gathered information about the war. We created mini factfiles about the war and Wilfred Owen (our poet). 

We were all shocked to learn of the conditions and the death of Owen. 

Here’s some of our work! 

In Science, we’ve been discovering how fossils support the evidence for Evolution. We recapped our learning from year 4 & 5 about rocks and soil and summarised how fossils are formed.  

Fossils & Evidence For Evolution | Evolution | Biology | FuseSchool

The theory of evolution states that individuals within a species show wide degrees of variation, and those individuals with characteristics best suited to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce. This theory grew from studying the variations and similarities in living animals and plants, but also, very importantly, by studying fossils.