This week we have continued our learning about Autumn and really embedding our new knowledge about the seasonal change, I have been happy to see so many children back to school this week as we have had lots of germs and illnesses in our class last week. I was very impressed with some of the children who explained to children who had been off last week all about Autumn.

You will see on Tapestry this week that we have recorded the children talking all about Autumn and I was so impressed with the vocabulary which the children used and also the complete sentences that they spoke in. 

We have been practising our scissor skills again this week as it is an area which we need to focus on. We have used the leaves which we collected on our Autumn walk last week and have been using the scissors to cut and snip into the leaves. The children have been very sensible and have shown they really understand the importance of using scissors safely. 

We have again used different materials to create Autumn pictures including Autumn trees by using different coloured dabbers and pencil crayons which we completed independently in our continuous provision. For our art this week we used the leaves which again we collected from our Autumn walk to make pieces of work by sticking leaves to the paper and paint around them, we then lift the leaves to reveal the leaf shape.

In our classroom provision we have had the train track out in our construction tray which the children have particularly enjoyed, the children were amazed to see that the trains stick together and we did some learning about forces and magnets and is something they will be able to explore in the next half term.

We have also had stencils on our mark making table and the children were super at following around the stencil and creating different animals and shapes, we have had lots of interesting conversations such as talking about kangaroos. The children's pencil control has improved so much this term and I am so proud of each child.

We have had musical instruments out in the classroom and the children have been exploring different ways of making sounds, we have also learnt new vocabulary such as names of musical instruments. Some of us have also begun to sing different songs and rhymes as we explore the instruments. 

We have been busy with our Nativity and preparing the children with the songs and actions, we are very excited for you to see our performance of 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel', do not forget that costumes should be in school on Monday so we complete a dress rehearsal. 

I hope you all have a super weekend, Mrs Morray x