Yet another fantastic week in Jellyfish this week! We have learnt a lot and even had time to learn a new game! Ask us to teach you at home! We are loving playing it in school. 


This week we have worked towards writing a diary entry from the perspective of Wendy Darling from Peter Pan. During the week all of our skills based learning has been from Peter Pan's perspective ready for us to use these skills independently in our own diary writing. We learnt some new sentence types to help our writing become even more amazing! Ask us about the more, the more, 3 ed and emotion word sentences! We will blow your socks off! 


In our maths learning we have moved on to understanding the formal method for multiplication. This was tricky for some of us but when we used partitioning of numbers to support us we got the hang of it! We secured this on Friday by demonstrating what we had learnt by solving some word problems!


We have continued to learn about mountains, which we are loving! This week journey continued through the Andes mountain range. We found out that the Andes is in South America and runs through lots of countries including Peru, Argentina, Columbia and Chile. It is the longest mountain range in the world and the second largest. 


We learnt about a mixture called wattle and daub. We discovered that this was made out of mud, clay and manure and it was used to help build houses by our ancestors. We used our prior learning from Skara Brae when we revisited hearth's and why houses have holes in their straw roofs.