What a lovely week we have had! This week has seen us beginning to practise our nativity songs ready for our winter production.


This week we have been focusing on writing a 'Missing Poster' for Owl Mother. To begin we identified the features of a missing poster in different examples. We then create a bank of vocabulary to describe her appearance using adjectives and nouns. Following this, we focused on extending our sentences using the conjunction 'and'. The children produced some fabulous sentence, extending their thoughts and ideas.


We have been continued with our work on Subtraction. In doing so we have taken away by crossing out and used part whole models to structure a subtraction calculation. 


We have been looking at human and physical features that attract tourists to Stoke-on-Trent. We thought about what tourist would come to do and see such as learning about history, shopping and for entertainment.


In science following our trip to peak wildlife park we began to look at the structure of different animals. We learnt that all animals structure are the same and that they have different features and each of them has a different purpose.