A fantastic week of learning in Dolphin Class this week!

Our English learning this week has has seen us continue with our work relating to Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian. We began the week by looking at how we could use exclamation marks for effect within our work, before then moving on to continuing our drafting on Tuesday and Wednesday. We used the skills of relative clause use and inverted comma use on these days. We learnt the importance of relative pronouns within relative clause use -  learning that the type used depends upon the word class. For example -  the relative pro-noun 'which' is used to add detail to a sentence about an object: The poker, which was white hot, scared Willie greatly. 

Our Maths learning this week has seen us investigating bus stop division. This method of grouping relies on our understanding of multiplication and exchanging. For example - 23 divided divided by 3 would equal 7 with three left to exchange down to the next column - see the photos below for more examples.  After practising this skill on Monday and Tuesday without remainders, we then moved into leaving remainders on Wednesday. Although this is a tricky concept -  with possible a 4 exchanges per calculation -  the Dolphins worked very hard on this concept. We then finished the week by applying these skills to problem solving.

Our Science learning this week saw us investigated geocentric and heliocentric solar systems. We discovered that historically, scientists such as Ptolemy in 150 AD believed that the solar system rotated around the Earth and it was therefore geocentric. However we then discovered that further on in time, scientists such as Copernicus in 1543 AD believed that it was actually the Sun at the centre of the universe. His findings, however were kept secret until after his death, as he was scared of the Catholic Church punishing for his findings -  which they would class as against God. Scientist Galileo in 1632 AD proved his theories with telescopic use -  although he was punished for this and imprisoned on house arrest until he died!

We also enjoyed an amazing day out at Jodrell Bank this week -  although the weather was wet -  we still enjoyed our many opportunities to confirm our science learning and expand it further too!

Our History learning this week saw us expand our further understanding of the building of Baghdad. We discovered that there were multiple factors relating to the location of this historic City. We learnt that the land had been well irrigated for many years, had suitable land for trade links and strong relationships with neighbouring countries for growth. We discussed the importance of each feature, before deciding that each had their own relevance and importance.

Due to our Jodrell Bank trip, we had no Geography lesson this week.

Finally, I must mention our recognition of two key SMSC events this week. The first being the launch of anti-bullying week on Monday with Odd socks day. We held a discussion about the importance on uniqueness and individuality, before then thinking about how we can reach out to help victims of bullying. The second event being the recognition of Children in Need. It was a delight to see the Dolphins in their spotty and yellow clothes, which helped us to raise money for this worthwhile charity. 

Have a lovely week, 

Love from Dolphin Class. xx