Another very busy week in Narwhal Class, the highlight being our trip to Jodrell Bank, the children represented the school fantastically and it was great to see them not only enthralled in what was going on around them but also to see them using the knowledge they had gained in class to ask and answer questions presented to them. Well done everyone!

Our English learning this week has has seen us continue with our work relating to our class text. We began the week by looking at how we could use exclamation marks for effect within our work, before then moving on to continuing our drafting on Tuesday and Wednesday. We decided to focus on relative clauses, which we may need a bit more work on, and the use of inverted comma to show speech, lots of skill is needed to make an effective speech sentence such as the correct punctuation, both inside and outside the speech, and the use of powerful reporting clauses, as the saying goes, "Said is dead!".

Our Maths learning this week has seen us working on our division. Our first lesson saw us working on 4-digit divided by 1-digit division with no remainders and this proved to be a struggle due to how different the bus stop method is to our column method and therefore we spent some more on it, for those who had not struggled they moved onto division with remainders, seeing their friends move on must have stirred something in those who struggled because the next thing we knew all the children were racing ahead, with every child finishing on either gold or platinum! We finished the week with some more multi-step problems that included not only division but also addition, subtraction and even cubed numbers!

Our Science learning this week saw us looking at the geocentric and heliocentric solar system theories. We discovered that in the past scientists such as Ptolemy in 150 AD believed that the solar system rotated around the Earth and it was therefore geocentric, this is due to the lack of technology and evidence, much like we saw with the flat and round Earth theory. We then as time went on, scientists such as Copernicus in 1543 AD believed that it was actually the Sun at the centre of the universe. Another scientist called Galileo shared the same heliocentric view in 1632 AD and proved his theories with a telescope-  although he was punished for this and placed under house arrest by the Catholic Church.

Our History learning this week saw us expand our further understanding of the building of Baghdad. We discovered that there were lots of reasons why this location was so desirable such as the land being well irrigated for over 5000 years! It also had suitable land for trade links and strong relationships with neighbouring countries for growth.