This week the children are beginning to really show some brilliant qualities such as empathy. This Friday it was the 11th day of the 11th month so we took part in a two minute silence to remember those that served us and still continue to serve us. The children had a P4C lesson and we thought about and discussed how the soldiers might have felt during the war. We used media to prompt the discussions. The children showed great maturity and respect when taking part in Remembrance Day.

In English we have begun practising to write a first person re-tell. First, we have thought of some great adjectives to describe the setting and the characters and then we could have a go at using them in a sentence to write the beginning of the story. We then used a variety of openers to write the middle of the story to avoid repetition and to give our story some more detail.

In Maths this week we have begun to look at Multiplication. First we have identified equal groups when looking at pictorial representations or when given a STEM sentence to match. From that we were then able to make our own equal groups when given a set criteria such as '5 equal groups of 3'. Next, we have added equal groups using repeated addition and still making sure that they are equal. We then introduced the multiply symbol to the children and showed them how a multiplication sentence is another representation of equal groups and repeated addition. The children were then able to put all of their learning together to show multiplication in a variety of ways.

In Encompass we have gone back in time to 1666 to see what London was like in the past. We looked at images of what the buildings and streets would of been like, discussed the transport they would of used and the jobs that they had. We were then able to compare it to London currently using prior knowledge.

In Science we have answered the question ' How do plants adapt to their environment?' The children looked at different types of plants in a variety of habitats to see how they have adapted to survive in those conditions.