Well done on another brilliant week of learning Penguins class! We’ve decided on our Winter production and will be getting in touch about costumes/parts next week :) 

In English we have worked SO hard and done lots of writing this week. We have used adjectives to describe Plop, written an introduction to our story and used a variety of openers to re-tell the story. We pretended we were Plop and wrote in first person which we did really well! Look at some of our learning below…

In Maths this week we have started our Multiplication topic. We started the week looking at equal and unequal groups and then moved onto recognising and making equal groups. Some of us were able to look at the commutative, which means we can swap the numbers around. 
We learned how to write repeated addition number sentences for the pictures which really helped us when we moved onto using the multiplication symbol. 

In Encompass we have travelled back in time to look at what London was like in the past. We discussed that transport was different, with horses and carts instead of cars and we also learned about the different houses and streets using words like cobbled and tarmac. 
We sorted pictures into past and present using our knowledge from the lesson and some of us wrote a paragraph explaining the differences between now and then. 

As Friday was the 11th November, we also learned about Remembrance Day, learning what it is and why it’s important. We showed so much respect during the 2 minute silence and created the most beautiful scrapbook and poppy pictures.