Firstly happy November, I can't believe we are 11 months into the year, time does fly when you are having fun! I hope you all had a fantastic half term doing lots of lovely things together, the children have been telling us all about their adventures such as going to Alton Towers, pumpkin picking and going to their caravans! 

This week we are learning about the celebration of Diwali, the festival of lights. We have loved learning all about the different traditions that happen during Diwali such as cleaning their homes, having mednhi and taking old things they no longer need to charity, exchanging gifts, having a special meal and also releasing fireworks.

We have love the Rangoli Patterns which are made outside of peoples home to welcome good into their homes. We have made rangoli patterns in lots of different ways such as using 2d shapes, colouring rangoli patterns and drawing them outside of our classroom door to allow goodness into our classroom. We know that traditionally that Rangoli patterns are made with coloured rice, sand and sometime flower petals. 

We have used playdough to make Diya Lamps which are candles Hindus and Sikhs put in their homes during Diwali to celebrate. I have seen such progress in the children using their hands to manipulate playdough.

We have coloured in some Diwali cards to help with our fine motor skills and even in the short time the children have been in Nursery they are now holding their pencils mostly in a tripod grip with good control. The children are learning how to colour within the lines and to think about their colour choices.

We have been exploring shapes and using the 2D shapes to make different pictures, the children have had to think about what shapes they need for their picture e.g. a square and triangle to make a house.

We have also had a new construction resource which we have not used before, the children have amazed me with their models using the mobilo this week, the children have made lots of things such as aeroplanes and see-saws.

Next week we will be looking about how bonfire night is celebrating and we will be drawing on the children's own experiences, we will also be talking about how to be safe and the dangers which may occur.

Have a lovely weekend, Mrs Morray x