This week, we have been exploring angles in Maths, War Horse in English and tasting different foods and condiments in Design and technology. 

In English this week, we started our brand new book-War Horse by Michael Morpurgo! It is a gritty tale of Albert and Joey (two best friends of different species) and their stories during World War 1. This week, we have met the characters and read about the announcement of the war through propaganda and rallies. 

In Maths, we have been learning about angles and the key angle rules. 

Adam noticed that angles around a point always equal 360 degrees and can be split into different parts, perhaps right angles. 

Lujain noticed that right angles are usually marked with an L shaped angle marker. 

In D.T, we got to do our favourite thing! Try different foods! We tasted different foods to see what flavours, smells and appearances they had and how they can be used to make different products. This is the first lesson in our journey of understanding where our food comes from and how foodstuffs are produced.