What a fabulous start to the week we had this week! In our celebration assembly we won the starfish time for having the highest attendance in Lower Key Stage Two!! 


In our writing lessons this week we have been publishing our alternative versions of Hansel and Gretel. We have really taken on board all of our new Year 3 learning have now really started to embed some of the writing skills! There is evidence of lots of prepositions of both time and place, adverbs of time and manner and both coordinating and subordinating conjunctions! The writing has been lovely to read! Well done Jellyfish!! This was a lovely way to end of traditional tale study of Hansel and Gretel. 


This week in maths we have tackled how to exchange when adding and subtracting numbers using the column method. We have used lots of concrete manipulatives to help us understand what we mean by exchange and have spent a lot of time ensuring we understand this concept before moving onto completing the abstract calculations. We have shown a real determination and excellence this week in our maths! 


This week in History we consolidated all of our learning about the Stone Age. We recapped the key vocabulary by explaining what it meant to each other once more. We then created an A3 spread, using a range of images and photographs to support us, to showcase everything we have learnt and can remember. Have a look at some of them below!! 


This week we recapped our knowledge of erosion and deposition by looking at how a mature river shapes the land around it. We now understand how meanders are created and can use the correct geographical vocabulary to show this. We now know that to create a meander a river erodes and deposits the land on its course.