In English this week, we have been focusing on writing a retell of the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We focused on the skills of using adjectives and also proper nouns when naming the characters in the story. We broke the story down into the beginning, middle and end to support us. We also used story maps and talk for writing, which the children find really helpful and a great scaffold for their learning.


In Maths, we have been focusing on comparing numbers using the language of greater than, less than and equal too. We also used the symbols <, >, = to compare. The children blew me away with their knowledge and understanding in this. 


In History, we continued with our focus on comparing toys past and present. This week we looked at comparing toys that our grandparents might have played with and toys that we play with today. We looked at old teddies and found that they had star inside them and so were not as soft and cuddly. We also learnt that lots of toys in the past we made by hand, whereas toys today are mostly made in a factory. We even looked at the mechanisms and materials they were made from. We had lots of fabulous discussion and recall from the children.

This week, we also celebrated harvest. We learnt about this in both PSHE and RE and we also performed songs and a poem in our FS/KS1 Harvest Festival. It was so lovely to see the children perform with such confidence and pride. We sang the songs, Harvest Time, Cauliflowers Fluffy and performed the poem Autumn is Here.